Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

When you have been injured in an accident and sought medical treatment, oftentimes your doctor will describe your injuries using medical terms of art which are difficult to understand.  One such term is “TBI” or traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury is caused by a bump or jolt to the head or neck area [...]


What is the Texas Tort Claims Act?

As a general rule in Texas, governmental agencies and their employees are immune from lawsuits—including local or state hospitals. That is, even if you have been injured by a state or local governmental employee, you are not able to sue them in a court of law for your injuries. The exception to this general rule, [...]


The Role of Experts

At some point during the prosecution of your case, you will likely hear the term “expert witness” used.  An expert witness is an individual who possesses professional expertise in a particular subject matter relating to your case by virtue of their knowledge, education, and/or training.  As such, expert testimony, in most cases, is not only [...]

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Pharmaceutical Litigation

For most, taking medication during the day is a part of one’s normal routine.  This medication was prescribed by a trusted physician, and usually taken knowing that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has vetted the mediation as safe.  While the FDA may monitor the safety of a particular medication, many times the dangers [...]

Maritime Injuries

Those who work on or around maritime vessels often find their work rewarding, albeit dangerous.  At times, the dangers of the job can lead to significant injuries which preclude you from work.  When this happens, one often asks “what now?” Fortunately, maritime workers are afforded rights and legal options after being injured on the job.  [...]

Medical Malpractice

When visiting a health care provider, one is often seeking compassionate, competent medical care during a difficult time.  A great deal of trust is placed in the health care provider’s knowledge and skill to appropriately diagnose and treat the underling medical condition.  There are times, however, where this trust is violated and the health care [...]

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Medical malpractice – what you need to know

When seeing a doctor or entering the hospital, the odds are good that you'll encounter an ethical and conscientious physician. However, it is important to be armed with the information you need to protect yourself. Preventable medical errors are one of the most common causes of death in the United States, only behind disease and [...]


DePuy Hip Replacements

Hip replacement surgery is often recommended by doctors to patients with worn hip joints, who feel soreness between the hip and knee during or after exercise, and stiffness in one foot. All these signs indicate the possibility of hip arthritis and the treatment for it is hip replacement. Hip replacement surgery is a medical procedure [...]