DePuy Hip Replacements

DePuy Hip Replacements

Hip replacement surgery is often recommended by doctors to patients with worn hip joints, who feel soreness between the hip and knee during or after exercise, and stiffness in one foot. All these signs indicate the possibility of hip arthritis and the treatment for it is hip replacement.

Hip replacement surgery is a medical procedure in which a doctor surgically removes and replaces a painful hip joint with an artificial one, which is often made from metal components. The procedure is designed to relieve the patient from pain and make walking easier. However, not all surgeries go as planned as sometimes patients may continue to experience pain. This mostly happens because of faulty hip implants.

If you or someone you know is suffering from ongoing pain and experiencing complications after receiving a DePuy hip replacement, then it is best to seek legal help and file an injury claim. That’s right; Depuy – a hip replacement franchise – has been recalling its hip replacement systems since 2010. These devices were introduced in 2005 in the US after the FDA provided Johnson & Johnson special clearance to sell them prior to performing clinical trials.


Faulty hip implants are causing serious issues in patients, such as:

  • Bone loss
  • Increased level of hip joint pain
  • Metal accumulation in soft tissue resulting in poisoning
  • Dislocation of the prosthetic ball


After undergoing a costly surgery and receiving DePuy hip replacements, the last thing you want is to know that they are faulty and you’re still in pain. In such a situation, the law gives you the right to file compensation for the pain, suffering and injuries incurred after getting a replacement.

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